One day there was a super hero called Bobby. He had lots of powers and still had a favourite. His favourite power was poking. Every time he poked someone that was doing something wrong like. robing or killing, When he poked that person they turned good, and never done anything bad again. There was 5 bad men who hated the power he had, and wanted to make sure, he never had it. Their names were Jamie, James, Connor, Declan, and last but not least Ryan. They wanted to try and destroy Bobby, and his poking power.

One day when Bobby was having his lunch Declan, through a rock and smashed, his window on purpose. Then he started flying away to tell the other four, he was also laughing. Bobby saw a little bit of his boot, and knew it was one, of the bad men. He wanted to go and chase them but he never. He thought of thing to do to them and wrote a list, about the things he would do to Jamie, Ryan, Connor, Declan, and James. This was just a few of the things he would do.

  • Chase the bad men and take them to his underground basement.

  • Do that one by one.

  • Through them all on to separate wooden board.

  • Lock them in a freezing cold room to freeze.

  • Then when they all turn into ice blocks.

  • Then will quickly smash the ice blocks, one at a time and then poke, the bad man, that was in the block..

  • and set them free.

  • Do it to them all then I will have my dinner yum.

Then he said to himself, "Huuuu" I will never get, all this done before My dinner." Then he whispered "The time I get finished it will be about 7 o' clock. "Its only 4 o'clock" He mumbled. "Well if I start now I might get finished in time." So of he went flying nicely through the sky, with ever body shouting "Bobby." Because he was the best out of everyone. He got to the bad men's house and stopped flying, he broke down the door and only saw James. So he took him home and froze him. Then he started flying back 10 minutes later and saw, Conner, Jamie, and Declan. He took them one at a time after he had nocked them out. He froze them as well. When he got home he put Connor, Jamie and Declan in the house, and he was going to find Ryan. On the way out Ryan was standing, at Bobby's door.

Gulp "Im in deep trouble" Bobby said.

"ah ha I have you now you useless Hero." Ryan laughed.

"I need to tell you something Ryan" Bobby said weirdly.

"What?" Ryan asked.

"I need to tell you about" Bobby replied getting closer to Ryan by another 2 foot steps.

"About what did you say" Ryan said In a very scared voice.

"ITS ABOUT POCKING" Bobby shouted.

As quick as a flash bobby punched and kicked Ryan as hard as he could, and put him beside the other, 4 bad men.

"hey will all take about another 25 minutes before they all freeze so,........... I will have my dinner in the time, that's left. After his dinner he went down to the basement were the bad men were. He smashed James block first and pocked his, as quickly as he could. Then he did the exact same to Conner then Jamie, and then Declan. He took a deep breath and said "Ok now for Ryan the leader." SMASH poke. He done it to Ryan, then said "wooooooo hooooooo He was so hard, he nearly punched me, as well."

" what happened to us? "asked Connor and James Looking puzzled.

"The exact same as I done to you two and Jamie Ryan and Declan," said Bobby in relief.

"What was that?" asked Jamie.

"Well it is a long long story guys." Explained Bobby "Can we all be friends now?" Bobby asked.

" why not" Declan, Jamie, Ryan, Conner, and James all replied, happily.

So they all became friends and Bobby, Connor, and James all became the bestiest, of friends. From that day on they all started flying, about the sky Poking more people doing, knotty things.

The end