Once a pone a time there were 2 big army of creepers.

One army were bad the other were good. The good army liked to help people that the bad army had put in danger.

One lovley,hot. summers Sunday there was a little girl her name was Pricilla, she is 9 years old. One day she was outside playing with her best friends Ellie, Angel and Dani. But there is a secret about Dani and nobody knows, about it except her.

One day they were outside playing when felt the ground shake as they played hide and seek tig. Pricilla,

Angel and Ellie were scared and they all asked Dani what was happening.

"Its probably nothing" said Dani not worrying at all

"yes probably nothing lets keep playing" said Angel not worrying either.

"Yes... lets just keep playing" said Pricilla an Angel in a scared voice.

So they keepted on playing this time they saw a hole in the ground Pricilla, Angel and Ellie were scared,

as Dani the brave said

"Lets go down it and see what's at the bottom."

"No" shouted Ellie and Angel worrying again,

"there's no need to scream you two" Dani said.

"What are you crazy about going down that hole, something bad might happen" screeched Pricilla

"No actually im not crazy and I am not afraid so ILL keep you safe Replied Dani.

"Ok" said the others "but you must promise to keep us safe" said Angel.

"I will" said Dani. "I promise."

So they went down the hole and when they got to the bottom they were surprized they couldn't believe there eye's. You would never believe what they were seeing. It was a massif room with rainbows, pony's toys, money toy horse's, and some real horse's and lots of other thing they would loved to have to. They all started to play with the toys and have rides on the real one's. After playing and riding for 20 minutes the room turned pitch black, and one light flickering a few times then they heard a bang, as the light went out in a flash.

"What's happening" whispered Ellie

"I don't know" said Dani hugging Ellie,

"I thought you said this place was safe" Angel and Pricilla screamed,

"It was a minute ago "said Dani

"Its not now" Angel, Ellie and Pricilla said louder.

At this stage Dani was looking puzzled and scared, she didn't want to protect the other now, because she was to scared. But she still didn't want her friends to die, and she said she would keep them safe, so she tried her best to stay calm. Then the lights wet back on in a flash, and they saw that there were no real horses, no nothing, the room was destroyed. The toys were all gone, the wallpaper was ripped, and there was no real horses now.

"What's happening?" screamed Angel in her loudest voice not being calm either.

"What is going on" shouted Ellie.

"I really don't know" said Danni. At the same time the lights went out again. Danni stared getting annoyed because it happened last time, and nothing happened to them. But this time they heard noise's sounding a bit like ash aaaa ash aaaa. Pricilla play's Minecraft and it kind of sounded like "CREEPERS" she shouted. "What are you talking about?" said Angel. Pricilla answered saying "It sounds like Creepers" she said, "What from Minecraft" said Ellie, "Yes" said Pricilla. Dani wondered around the room trying to find the light switch.

She wondered into something slimy, tall, noisy, Creeper. "Oh no no" she said this is an army of creepers all round the room. One grabbed Pricilla and put her in a sack with tape over her mouth , so she couldn't talk and shout help. Pricilla was really scared and thought she was going to die. Pricilla was toking out the room and the lights went back on. This time they saw the creepers and screamed when the lights were on. "What are we going to do?" said Ellie

"I don't know" replied Dani,

"and where is Pricilla" said Ellie.

"I don't know but I'm going to find her" said Angel.

"But how" said Ellie

"look at all these creepers you never get anywhere with this lot coming towards us." said Dani.


"ANGEL" screamed Dani and Ellie.

At that moment Angel was gone to.

"Not Angel too "Dani said

"and I thought you said you would keep us safe Dani" said Ellie.

"I am" said Dani

"are not because you didn't safe Pricilla and Angel."

"But they got took away to quickly "Dani said really worrying

now, Because the Creepers were about 5cm, way from them now. When the creepers were about 2cm away from the girls,the bit of the floor they were standing on, fell down into a very smelly room.

"pssssssttt pppssttt" said Dani." I think this is where the creepers life."

"you might be right" said Ellie.

The room smelled horrible and there was lots of creepers there, that's why Dani thought they lived there. The girls started sneaking about, to see if Pricilla and Angel where there. Ellie caught a glace of Pricilla and Angel tied to a board. It was slimy, green and it was glowing too. At that second a creeper picked up Ellie and Dani, and took them down the stairs and put them in front of Pricilla and Angel. The creeper put them down but picked up Ellie again, and through Ellie on the board beside Pricilla and Angel. They tied her up like Pricilla and Angel. Dani was actually part of the creepers team,since she was 2 years old.

"Ha I tricked you 3 hehehehe."

"What have you done to us all those years" said Angel.

"Oh its called tricking people my dear woo hhaaa ha." laugh Dani.

"Not if I can help it" said Pricilla.

At that minute Pricilla burst through the string, of the board, and stood in a position that she was angry in. "I didn't know you were so rubbish at all that stuff, "said Dani laughing again.

"I am not rubbish im good." said Pricilla.

"pppp doesn't look like it, what is it something called rubbish maybe." shouted Dani.

"No actually its called Kong Fu" argued Pricilla.

"Ha don't make me laugh" laughed Dani.

"how how........why did you doing this to us Dani?" Ellie asked in shock.

"Ellie its called being evil." said Dani

"Not if I can help it" Pricilla shouted.

Pricilla kicked Dani fought all the creepers and then she got her friends of the board.

"THANKS ALOT PRICILLA" everyone thanked.

"its nothing" said Pricilla.

"No really..... I thought Dani liked us but no" said Angel.

Dani got back up and so did 2 creepers, they through the Pricilla, Angel, and Ellie back on the board. This time they tied them up with wire's, to keep them on. Then the good army of creepers came in and destroyed the bad army. They had a leader to. The leader was a boy for the good army. He was called Rex. Rex had fair blond hair, dark blue eyes, He as red checks, and doesn't have glasses. When they had destroyed Dani and the bad army of creepers, Rex got the girls of the board.

"Eeeemm........ errrr... hello" said Ellie

"Hello" said Rex.

"What is your name?" asked Angel

"My name oh my name is Rex" Rex replied.

"What a nice name" said Ellie.

"thanks" thanked Rex.

"Thanks for saving us Rex" Pricilla said excitedly.

"welcome anytime" said Rex.

"what are your names then?" asked Rex.

"well I am Pricilla the kung Fu one" said Pricilla.

" I am Angel" said Angel.

And I am Ellie "said Ellie.

"What very nice names" said Rex.

"Would you all like to go back home now?" asked Rex politely.

"Oh yes please" shouted all the girls.

So Rex casted a spell to take them all back home, because there was no other way out. When the Girls weren't there anymore, Rex took his army home. They all thought they would be safe from Dani now, because they thought she was died now. Her army was defiantly died but she was only nocked out. for 20 minutes. The question is are they safe now?. Yes there safe. Dani has lost all her powers so, she will never, ever, ever get back on earth. She will be stuck under ground all her life to come. When the girls got home it was 5 o'clock. So the girls went in to see their mums. Their mums were all crying because they hadn't seen them all day. When Pricilla's mum seen Pricilla she hugged her and whispered,

"Oh where have you been all day."

And her dad said, "we thought you had run away."

"sorry" Pricilla said.

"I don't care if your sorry Im just glade to have you back." said her dad.

"Me too" said her mum.

Angels mum was striker and gave her a bit of trouble.

But Ellie's mum sent her to her room to go to bed. When her bed time was actually 10 o'clock.

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