The end copyrig
By Nicole M

Once upon a time on a lovely, nice, sunny, Summers day in the land of moshi's, there were 4 boys and 2 girls. They were brothers and sisters. Their mum was really kind to everyone. The boys' names were Diavilo, Zommer, Katsuma and Furi. The girls' names were Poppet and Luvili. They had 3 cousins and their names were Honey, Wurley and Snodle. They all loved playing together and going to the park together.

Chapter 1 Bored

One day Zommer, Furi, Diavilo, Katsuma, Poppet and luvili were in their bedroom singing. They started to get bored so they sat on their beds, and they thought about what they could do.

"I have thought of an idea" said furi

"What" replied Poppet?

"We could ask mum if our cousins could come round to play in the swimming pool with us” said Furi

"Yes" shouted Zommer in amazement

"Why not" said katsuma.

They ran down stairs to ask their mum if their cousins were allowed round to play

"Hurray" said everyone they were allowed. 10 minutes later their cousins arrived.

Chapter 2 the pool
They all got changed and went into the pool. Katsuma Jumped in first and made a big splash, they all laughed. The pool was very big and deep too. They all splashed and played about for 20 minutes then suddenly as Katsuma was swimming he saw a box at the bottom of the pool. "Hey guys look" he said
"What is it?" Honey replied.
"It’s a box" said Diavilo and luvili looking puzzled. Snodle wanted to go and get it but he couldn't swim. Snodle, wurley and Honey all had arm bands. Katsuma, Zommer, Luvili and Poppet went to fetch the box at the bottom of the pool. It was very heavy. They took it back up to the room without their mum seeing them and were going to open it.
Chapter 3 the Magic Box
They open the box and found an.......... egg inside. Zommer screamed as he was so furious and angry because the box was shimmering gold and sliver. He expected something like lots of money, or maybe gold that would make him rich. Diavilo picked up the egg but suddenly... Zommer snatched it out Diavilo’s hand and shout'ed and screamed once more, and said
"I'll hurl you against the wall you silly egg."
“No don’t!" shouted the rest of them. but it was too late, Zommer hade smashed it. They walked out the room.

Chapter 4 magic
They all went back into the pool and tried to forget about the egg and Zommer. 2 hours later Honey, wurley and Snodle's mum phoned to say they would have to have a sleepover. They went back to the room and found the egg had smashed, with a little note in front of it. The paper said
"If you dance and sing to a song you will have the best day and life ever."
So they sung and they danced to their favourite song and the next day and all their lives they all had great life. Their cousins got a great life too. One of the things that happened was their cousins moved in with them and it was a magical thing!

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