One day a girl called nelly who din't have a famaily was moving to a different country beaucause she didn't have any friends or someone to play with and she was fed up. She lived in america and she was moving to wales she was hoping for a better live in wales. beacause she wanted friends and someone who cared about her she wouldn't care if it was three or four friends , she just wanted some friends. That night her taxi came she was already to go and of she went to wales. 7 hours later she was there she sleeped all the way beaucuse she was tired the taxi driver had to wake her up she liked what she infact she loved what she saw. She went to a hotel for the night and in the morning she looked for her flat that she was going to live in. She found it she didn't like the outside but she liked the inside she went to the recition to get her keys she went to her room she liked that aswell. Then she unpacked after that she went outside and walked around she saw some children she asked to be friends with them, they asked her what her name was and she said "Nelly". "No then" they said Nelly asked "why not" the children said "nobody likes that name around here sorry bye". Nelly then said "infact is Ellie not Nelly" the children said "sorry we have to take your first awser ". Nelly felt worse than ever she was discusted she went back to her flat crying on the way. She was nearly at the flat when a girl asked her what was wrong Nelly said "the children over there were say they dont like me beacuase my name is Nelly they said no one likes that name" , "thats right" said the girl. Nelly asked "why are you bothered i im called Nelly" "well beucase im caled Nelly two" "REALLY" she said "yeah yeah I am. They became friends for ever and ever and never left each other.

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