One day there was a verry hungry pen and it saw a school he thought there would be lots and lots of children to eat so he went in. Inside he did see lots of children and he seen the boys toilets he started to hop along the corader to the boys to toilets and went in.There was one boy a disabaled boy with glasses the pen goboled him up and burped. "YUUUUUUUUUUUMNMMMM" he said as he spat out the glasses and went to a classroom. The bell went for play time and he didn't know what the bell meant then all the children in the class ran out the room with there play pieses and coats on. Then he relised that it was play time 15 minutes later they were all lining up to come back in he went back to the class he was in before and everyone in the room screamed a girl said........."aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh whats that pen doing in my seat heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllp". The pen ran as fast as he could to the staff room and open the door in a flash the door was SLAMED shut "im safe in here" he said "or I should be". He sat on the chair and thought about what he would do for lunch "let me see I could eat more people thats it" at lunch time he ate 3 girls and 3 boys. Three hours later it was home time and he waited till everone was out the buliding and........................................................ locked all the door sudanly his friend came and gave him a fright "BOO" they shouted. The pen jumped "oh its just my friend you scared me" "well thats the hole point" "what do you want to do?"asked one of his friends. "I know we will mess all the class rooms up and then, see all the children and teachers faces when they walk in" "good Ider" lets do it". so they went to do it it was now 9:00 and one of his friends said "oh no" another said "what" look at the time" "so" so we better stop now or we will get seen" "yes shes right lets stop".All the children and teachers ame into the school one two boys said at the same time "what what happened" another said "maybe it was that pen again" "I dont think so" said the teacher.