One day there was 3 girls paying outside there names were Ellie Faiza and Nicole with there dog called Scrappy. They were playing tig when a hole apered in the ground Ellie wanted to go down it and see what was there so she pushed us all down it and followed us down. We got to the bottom of it and got a hard landing"yyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww that hurt" screamed Scrappy "you'll be fine" said Faiza. Elie looked around she said "WOW this place is awsome Lets exsplore". There was lots of pyramids we found a pyramid that said enter if you dare. Ellie Fazia and Nicole wanted to go in but scrappy was to scared. Nicole said to Scrappy "don't be scared I will look after you" "ok" said Scrappy "lets go". They went into the pyramid and saw curly wurly stairs they climbed up them up the stairs they saw gold and silver shinny things. There was one thing that wasn't gold or silver it was a ruby. Ellie touched it and the pyramid started to shake "oh no" said Nicole "lets get out of here" said Faiza. they all ran as fast as they could all the way down the curly wurly stairs again and out the door all sreaming "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". They all got out nice and safly and jumped down the hole to get back home they got home and said "wow that was a very very close one"