One day there was a girl on the computer and she was on cool maths games the girls name was Nicole she was 9 years old. She was having a great time playing the computer when suddanlly............................................ she was sucked into the computer into a msteriouse place called a her blog. She looked around where am I she said she looked around again "ahhhhh you frighted me." Nicole saw a man he looked really really scarry to her because he was half human and half lion. The half lion half human said to Nicole "go over there and you well be amazed" "ok" I said. So I went over to the place that he told me to and I saw a blog not any old blog it was about me. I looked at it "wooooooooooowwww" I said "its amazing but how did they know about it." Then the half human half lion apered and said "you have had it all your live it was secret" "what?" "I said its secret you had it all your life". My ears prickeled I couldn't belive it. I started to read some things on my blog but then I was sucked back into my house "pewww" I said "Im finally back in my house yes" I quicklly tured off the computer icase it happened again.I ran upstairs to my room and jumed on my bed. "I will never go on the computer again"I said and so I through my laptop into the bin to make sure I never ever did again.