one day a two boys were walking along a street there was no one else on the street it was just house with birds flying in the sky. suddenly a bird fell in front of them as they were walking. "did that ird just fall from the sky" one of them said "I think it did" said the other boys. They took the bird home while it was sill alave they put a bandij on the wing that had a red lump on it. They took it back to that street that it fell in front of them in and they through bird in the air they thought it would fly again but no it didn't. "what shall we do" said one of the boys the other said "we should keep him" why" said the other "so he gets better and when he is we set him free" "good ider". the boys keped the bird in a cage until he was better when the bird was better they took it back to that street again and set it free. The boys were sad but it was the right thing to do beacuase they couldn't keep it for ever or could they. The boys went back to there house and ley on the bed there were still upset one of the boys said "wait we could go along that street again", "why" said the other. "so we could find another bird and keep that one" "we we we coudn't do that" said the other "why not" "we just cant ok" "ok"

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